User Guides

How to access an online course

As an EDOnline member, you can access an online course. There will be various courses on the EDOnline Platforms (please note the course are market related)

Follow these steps:

Step 1

Login to your EDOnline profile.

To do so:

  • Visit the respective EDOnline Platform. Click on Log in (top right corner).

  • Enter your username and password and click on Log in.

Step 2

Please note the user will be redirected to the dashboard, where a person can directly access the course as seen below:

*Alternatively, the user will have to navigate via the left hand side menu. Select Online On Demand where after a dropdown menu will appear. The User will then have to click and select On Demand Courses.

Step 3

The user will be redirected to the course page. The User should select the specific course they wish to complete by clicking on Access. Should the user want more information the user may also click on Read More (the user will be able to access the course on the Read More page)

Step 4

The user now has access to complete the course. The user will be redirected to another page where the course is housed.

Contact our support team for any additional assistance:

Tel: +27 12 111 7001