The incidence of cyber-attacks is exponentially growing in sophistication and frequency around the world. Expert training and a close understanding of current cyber warfare trends has become crucial to the survival strategy of organisations and nations worldwide.

The Cyber Academy’s Cyber Security course trains staff across any company on how to protect themselves and their business from hackers.

The course focuses on seven in-depth topics: Meet the Hacker, Social Engineering, Physical Security, Malware & Ransomware, Personal Security, Mobile Security / The Internet of Things, and Password Protection.

Cyber Sentry fully prepares participants for the reality of cyber warfare, ensuring that every employee is accountable and responsible in their use of company technology, protecting the future of the business.

Who Should Enrol

This course is intended for anyone that has access to electronic documents, systems and resources that want to practice in a cyber aware environment and safeguard IT infrastructures.

Course Design

This course has been designed to help you the Learner in being more Aware of Cyber-crimes and the tell-tale signs of a potential attack.  Through-out the ONLINE course we will explore through the eyes of a Hacker, what social engineering is, the threats and attacks that may occur and the role of an Information Technology (IT) Department within an organisation. 

Just as much it is the organisations responsibility to ensure safety and security of their information, it is every employees responsibility to take accountability for the use and access of that information by protecting it in accordance with policies and procedures, as well as protect the confidentiality.

Course Content

  • TOPIC 1 - Meet the Hacker
  • TOPIC 2 - Social Engineering
  • TOPIC 3 - Physical Security
  • TOPIC 4 - Malware & Ransomware
  • TOPIC 5 - Personal Security
  • TOPIC 6 - Mobile Security / The Internet of Things
  • TOPIC 7 - Password Protection


To obtain a Cyber Sentry Certificate and Badge, participants will be required to complete 2 hours of e-Learning and achieve 80% on the final online exam.


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