ICTEDonline is an online training platform for individuals interested in upskilling their Information Technology competencies in a broad field of vendor based international certifications, as well as local qualifications. The platform provides approved tools, resources and the newest features to keep up to date with the latest technological trends.

Our Partners

ICTEDonline is more than a website. It is a web-based cloud solution with endless possibilities. This user friendly and fully functional web-based interface has significant data processing capabilities that enables us to host a tremendous number of courses, from multiple sources, without effecting performance. This patented and proudly South African Flagship software - TRISCOMS™ - was created by our platform partners, Pioneering Solutions Studio. Pioneering Solutions Studio manages a highly successful online medical education system (www.mpconsulting.co.za) and their software has won the SAIIE President’s Award for Project Design and Implementation (2014). The utilization of this advanced software, together with Pioneering Solutions Studio’s commitment to managing the platform, guarantees efficiency and a pleasant user experience for all.